IKEA Inspired Skate Ramp Assembly Instructions

Adobe Illustrator
KEEN Ramps

by Mike Oncley
Using the classic IKEA instruction manual as inspiration, I was asked to create an easy to follow, visual instruction for building a wooden skate ramp. These ramps come disassembled when shipped and require instructions for their customers.
Original instructions sent to the customer below; simple enough to follow but not very visually appealing.
Inspiration from BILLY and more skate ramp details from the client(below).
Initial layout sketch with client notes(below-left). Next to it is my first pass at the vector version in Illustrator. Every piece, tools and all, was drawn by hand; no 3D software was used.
After adding text instructions(below), the client printed it and added more notes for corrections and design requests.
Details of some of the instructions.
The final draft:
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