Everyone I Love Is Dead(But They're Still Ruining My Life)
7 part web series
Key art(and logo)
Above, are the two style choices by the directors of the series. They were interested in seeing a Drew Struzen inspired floating-head piece(left) as well as an homage to George A. Romero(right).
These two choices soon developed, both meant to show off more of the comedic side of the series instead of the horror side w/ the bright orange and the cheerier/comical facial expressions.
After selecting the "floating head" choice I began sketching from my reference image.
First pass of coloring with the initial sketch on top.
A cleaner version of the prior with some detail lines added to the overall image.
See the graphic above, one step before it's final draft with accented highlights and shadows. The image was cleaned up even more and the flaming clothes were swapped out with a more recognizable bloody shovel.
The final poster at premiere night! Held by series Creators/Directors Julian Doan and Alex Hunter.
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