Change is Afoot - Single
Cej & The Mighty Blue Flames

CD Jacket and Disc

Cover for the single "Change is Afoot" by Cej and the Mighty Blue Flames
This was one of the quickest turnarounds I've done for Cej, completed within a week. I sourced some images to use as the background, mocked up a very quick concert poster, graffiti'd some titles and lyrics and put it all together.
Back cover for "Change is Afoot"
Oddly enough, this song was written and recorded before any of the COVID-19 panic happened in the US but the lyrics are eerily relevant...

"Change is afoot…it’s in the air
Change is afoot…it’s everywhere
Change is afoot…and the questions clear
Who survives? 
Do we hoard or share?"
The jacket layout for printing
The disc art for the CD
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