Cannabis Brand Social Media Assets


Adobe Illustrator

by Mike Oncley
In the Summer of 2020 I was asked to create clean and consistent social media imagery for Bloom cannabis brand. Over a 4 months period, this work ranged from holiday content, information on shipping/sales, zodiac signs, and social icons. Most images were created in 4 different ratios for Twitter, Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, and Facebook and used the same solid colors and fonts from their product packaging.
The graphics below were an informative series about how cannabis can aid in someones recovery from an alcohol induced hangover. Each slide was written by the client while imagery and composition were performed by me. Although there are two landscape versions, a portrait version, and a square crop for each graphic, I'll stick with one size for each project below.
A lot of the graphics I created were promotional material to educate the public about deals or sales going on within the brand and their distributors. Photography provided by the client.
One of the more important projects was creating flavor profiles for their well known strains of cannabis. This involved creating visuals for smells, feelings, activities and flavors for each strain. The look of the flavor-profile was directly influenced by their very recognizable red and white boxes.
With 2020 brought a new age of uncovering the veil over systemic racism inside of the country. Many brands took a public stand against continued racism, including Bloom, who donated proceeds to the NAACP for sales on specific products. They were looking for a symbol of their own to promote love over hate and asked me for a couple ideas. We ultimately ended on the below graphic, using the negative space from the two "O's" of their logo and modifying it to create a heart.

See the 3 drafts I sent to them, below the final.
Instagram Stories has also become an integral part of marketing online. I was asked to create original imagery to use the Stories thumbnail when added to a Highlight. I created tall images that could be used as the first slide in a Highlight but also could be cropped into a circle and still look clean. I gave them a version of each graphic with both a red and white background for them to choose from.
See the Stories Highlight graphics in their new home(above)
Finally, I was asked to begin creating zodiac specific horoscopes(written by to describe what Bloom product would be best fit for each star sign. I created original, cannabis-related zodiac signs and included a graphic of each constellation in the background. We got as far as publishing Cancer and Leo before the idea was scrapped by management.
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